Wind Tracks Magazine, Gear Up, May 97

Maui Hook-Up
You're probably saying, "NOT ANOTHER DOWNHAUL TOOL" Ah, but that's the point, this one's different.   Steve Hersh has designed Maui HookUp as "the downhaul tool that's easy to use and won't wreck your line."   This powerful two-handed unit attaches quickly and securely with its patent pending cleatless system and easily repositions along the line while still attached to the line.   Once you get it and spend the fifteen seconds it takes to learn how to use, you'll be going up and down the beach begging other sailors to downhaul their sails for them.   Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but it's the quickest, simplest one I've seen since the invention of the stick.  And its bright yellow grips make it easy to find and hard to lose.

New England Windsurfing Journal, Hot Stuff, May 97

The Maui HookUp from Hypotec is downhaul tool that comes fully loaded with useful features.   It offers ease of set up, two-handed operation, ease of adjustability, and it won't damage the line.   There's no threading, just make a loop-and-a-half through the hooks, grab with two hands and pull.  The hooks pinch the rope securely without damaging it.   To take up the slack, just pull the loose end to slide the handle up for the next pull.  They are available directly from Hypotec or through your local dealers.

Wind Surfing Magazine, Equipment Trials, Aug. 96

Sometimes I don't need to use a complicated downhaul tool.   Some sails I rig simply don't require it.  So I use a stick.  At least I used to use a stick.  Until the time I pulled and the stick snapped and I fell back and cracked my head on the rail of the board lying behind me.  Glad it wasn't the fin.  Anyway, sticks are unreliable, so I tried a Maui Hookup.   It's a lot like a stick.  About the same diameter, and I can grab it with both hands.  And it has a couple of thick hooks that you wrap the downhaul line around.  It's quick, it's easy, and it doesn't wreck the line.  So now I use the Maui HookUp pretty regularly.  Can't beat it with a stick.    KW
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